A Secret Garden Bridal Shower

Who would have thought covering a bridal shower would be so delightful?

From start to finish, the lovely Tamara’s shower was classy, creative and beautiful. It was held at the Paletta Mansion in Burlington, which is officially one of my favourite wedding venues in the GTA (so far). It took me back to 19th century England with its elegant stonework, long staircases and darling window seats. Tamara’s bridesmaids did a wonderful job of dressing up the already gorgeous estate, transforming it into a whimsical ‘secret garden’.

I adored the cute cake pops, the French door photo backdrops, the balloons, the many flowers, the Morning Glory drinks and so much more. Everyone seemed to have quite the enjoyable time.

To top it all off, Tamara was a stunning bride-to-be in both looks and character. Her Kyle is a very lucky man. I wish them the best!

Take the time to enlarge each image (it’ll go into slideshow mode) and savour the details!

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A Wonderfully Eclectic Ceremony

It’s been too long since I blogged, and I have a load to catch up on. I’ve decided to start with a simple look into a wedding ceremony I shot this past week. I loved its rustic decorations, its heartfelt messages and its very enamoured couple. This wedding was a collaboration with Hilary Knegt Photography, Erica Hannah Photography and Woodland Films. (Fun fact: we’re all related!) So travel with me to a delightful church in Orillia and feast your eyes on what unravelled on March 25, 2017.


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Michael & Nicole ~ “Something Good”

I’ve attended a lot of weddings professionally and personally. It always amazes me that I get to have a front row seat to the culmination of two people’s love stories. Some weddings are coloured by dizzying delight, others by even keel contentment. This particular one was a warming display of sincere love and devotion. I absolutely LOVED how the bride and groom looked at each other and also at their close friends. There was almost a tangible tie of affection between those involved. Emotions ran high, but in the best possible sense, and one of my favourite parts was when Nicole poignantly quoted the words of “Something Good” from The Sound of Music to her new, adoring husband. To the Desjardins, I wish the very best, and I feel so privileged to have witnessed and captured the beautiful beginning to your new lives together!

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Trail Blazin’

Did you know I have invented my own specialty genre of videography?

*cue “A Whole New World” music*

I fondly call this genre ‘video portraits’. They are my way of creating tangible memories that can be gifted and shared.

I was inspired to trail blaze this type of videography service because of my natural bent towards ‘portrait-ing’ my own experiences. Pretty much every vacation I go on ends up being spliced into a video highlight reel for me to share on various social media. Sometimes I make Christmas mashups or even short, expressive chronicles of enjoying a rainstorm or the first snow. I just love capturing and disseminating my experiences of the little, pithy things of life. Thus, as I was brainstorming for services to offer under Pond’s End Productions, I thought I might as well take a chance that there are kindred spirits out there who value experience so much that they would pay to have it remembered.


The formation of video portraits is as much up to me as it is to you. They can be anything you want. After all, they are portraits of your life.

But, realistically speaking, what are they?

My website really says it best: “Video portraits are short highlight reels of events that might have less pomp and flair than a wedding but will still be worth remembering for years to come—a family day trip, a birthday party, a hobby, etc. We blend into the background of your experience whilst also capturing it and then produce a video that relays its essence, handing you the incomparable treasure of an immortalized memory. In addition to static snapshots of your life’s adventures, why not add a dynamic display?”

For instance, let’s say you are throwing a New Year’s party, but you would like to be able to participate in the events rather than scramble around trying to capture the moments for later enjoyment. Give me a call, and I’ll film the key moments and put together a unique, artistic medley of the event.

Or maybe you and your fiancé(e) want to share your love story with your family and friends in a distinctive way. Bring me into the equation, and I can lace together a poignant account of your joint journey based on your particular preferences.

Let me film you covering a song, performing a dance, exploring a site, giving a talk—you name it.

To give you a final feel for this genre, below is a link from my website to a video portrait called “Sing this Song with Me” that I made of an outdoor-loving, adventure-seeking married couple doing one of the things they love best. Hopefully this gets your mind swimming with ideas for your own portrait:


Why not give this genre a go? I’d love to work with you!

Promote Yourself!

So now that you’ve entered the wonderful world of videography, let me introduce you to another side of my personal business: promotionals.


I don’t just film weddings. I also shoot promotional videos for businesses, events, projects, individuals—essentially anything someone wants to publicize.

Promotionals come in many shapes and sizes; there is no one size fits all. They can range from commercials to short documentary style pieces. They are especially viable in this day and age where tons of advertising is accomplished over the ever-available, ever-convenient Internet.

How does Pond’s End Productions approach this type of videography?

Glad you asked.

First of all, I don’t want to provide cookie cutter videos that monotonously convey information. I want to help you effectively and distinctively communicate your personal message to your intended audience. The artsy side of me desires to add a little aesthetic flair to even corporate backdrops in order to subtly set you apart.


After being contacted by a person or business, I begin to research whatever it is you would like me to promote. I get a firm feel for your unique style and expectations through lots and lots of communication, whether via the phone or ever-reliable email. I formulate a plan both for creativity and scheduling, and then, after gaining your approval and incorporating whatever input you have to offer, we converge at the setting of your choice to begin capturing. We strive to make you as comfortable as possible in front of the camera whilst still ensuring the professionalism of your performance. Once the filming is wrapped, it’s off to the editing room where I scrupulously splice the footage together into an efficient, effectual whole based on your stipulations. As compared to weddings, there is more back and forth at this stage with my clients because the video I create is intended to bring you profit as well and thus you should have a solid say. When the final product is complete, you will receive the video(s) in whatever format suits your needs, and it is up to you to release it to the unsuspecting world!

That was a big chunk of writing. But it’s crucial for me to have said it all. I hope it’s got your mind whirring as to promotional possibilities in your future! Let us take you, your business, your program, etc. etc. etc. to the next level!

How will we literally do that?

Pond’s End Productions has recently acquired fantastic new equipment to ensure a high quality, professional look to what we shoot. In the photos below, check out our cool lighting, camera and sound equipment used on set in the past week and a half. We even built our own teleprompter! We’re upping our game. Do you want to up yours?


Welcome to my world!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 4.48.23 PM


It’s a term that confuses a surprising number of people, and since it’s what I do for a living, I thought I’d take a few minutes to explain what it means to me and could mean for you.

Very simply put, I take videos of things rather than pictures, moving images rather than still images. Instead of capturing a single instant in time, I capture full moments in all of their glory.

Don’t get me wrong—I love photography. I spend an exorbitant amount of time flipping through pictures on my laptop, phone, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. etc.etc. Any concrete visualization of life attracts the artist in me. However, I have come to realize the limitations of photography—how it doesn’t preserve things like the voice of a loved one, the graceful, liquid motion of a dance, or the seamless interplay of looks between parents as a child blunders adorably.

Photos freeze a moment in time; videos melt these moments into what I believe is a dynamic representation of the whole.

So that’s what videography is to me. But what can it mean for you?

Today, I’m going to cover weddings.

In North America, we build up a lot of hype around this ‘big day’. There is an overwhelming amount of detail and effort woven into this event. And yet it is so short. She’s down the aisle, they’ve exchanged vows, cut the cake, boogied a little and they’re out of there. Ever wanted to hit pause or rewind to re-experience some of these special moments?

You can literally do that with my help.

Here’s my part: Several months in advance, I get an in-depth feel for what kind of video you desire. Your wedding day arrives, and I set up multiple cameras and other equipment. I carefully observe the ebb and flow of your day, making sure to record all that is important (and then some). I then go home and watch every single minute of footage, painstakingly noting especially memorable moments. I next uniquely edit together your specifically requested videos (highlight reel, full coverage, etc.) and hand them off to you.

Here’s your part: Completely enjoy your wedding day, knowing that, even if you miss or forget certain cherished instances, my camera did not. Enjoy your wedding again and again for years to come by watching the videos I have meticulously prepared, and allow others to enjoy it via social media or your own TV.

It can be as simple as that.

So consider giving videography a chance in this upcoming year. Memories are slippery treasures. Neglect them for one second, and they may slide into the back, tangled recesses of your mind, never to be retrieved in one piece again.

I make it my job to preserve as many of them as possible.

Let me preserve some of yours.